Why I Read/Like Young Adult Fiction

18 Apr

Kristarz Review's

                Image It’s because I’m a teenager living in an adult body… no I’m totally kidding. Truthfully I started reading YA because it is cheaper… at least where I live and I know that’s a horrible reason to read anything but it’s the truth. YA Novels run about 10$ each, while a novel of the same size in ‘adult’ fiction is almost double that, basically it’s 17 dollars for a novel of the same size, same amount of words, and it’s all based on the fact that one is aimed at teenagers and others are aimed at adults.
                I also fall in this weird category, the ‘in-between’ group. Teenagers  are usually the main characters in YA fiction and 30+ are running around as main characters in regular fiction. So often times, as a woman who is only freshly married and not a mother yet, dealing with things like divorce, children…

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