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2 Aug

Julian Casablancas

30 Apr

This is awesome!!!

Landscape with Train

25 Apr

Ben & Sherman

Ben & Sherman. Landscape with Train. 2013. Acrylic on paper, 27.5 x 20 in (70 x 50 cm).

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Courtesy of Geekosystem and the New York Times: Sitting sucks the life out of you

18 Apr

This is hilarious, I almost fell out of my seat

Opinion Renegada

If it wasn’t for Pinterest, I wouldn’t have noticed the bad, bad news Geekosystem and the Gray Lady had for us sedentary people: sitting kills and sucks the life and health out of you. In a nutshell, as human you weren’t meant for sitting for hours and hours. And exercising doesn’t help: you just need to stand up more. Look at this infographic (courtesy of Geekosystem), and despair:


Aw, biscuits.

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Why I Read/Like Young Adult Fiction

18 Apr

Kristarz Review's

                Image It’s because I’m a teenager living in an adult body… no I’m totally kidding. Truthfully I started reading YA because it is cheaper… at least where I live and I know that’s a horrible reason to read anything but it’s the truth. YA Novels run about 10$ each, while a novel of the same size in ‘adult’ fiction is almost double that, basically it’s 17 dollars for a novel of the same size, same amount of words, and it’s all based on the fact that one is aimed at teenagers and others are aimed at adults.
                I also fall in this weird category, the ‘in-between’ group. Teenagers  are usually the main characters in YA fiction and 30+ are running around as main characters in regular fiction. So often times, as a woman who is only freshly married and not a mother yet, dealing with things like divorce, children…

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‘Bond And Beyond’

18 Apr

CBS Philly

By Suzanne Monaghan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philly Pops present “Bond and Beyond” from April 26th through 28th.

Listen to the podcast below…
[cbs-audio url= size= download= name=”Michael Krajewski” artist=”By Suzanne Monaghan”]

“With the popularity and success of ‘Skyfall,’ Bond seems to be as relevant as ever. And I think people will enjoy hearing music from ‘Skyfall’ and music from all of the other classic Bond films,” says Music Director Designate Michael Krajewski, who created the program.

“What’s really at the heart of this program is that it’s so much fun and so thrilling to hear this music that we know so well from hearing it when we watch the movie. To be able to hear it live played by a symphony orchestra is just really a thrill, and to be able to just really focus on the music itself without watching the story line also brings a new dimension…

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The Painted Pianos

18 Apr

Beautiful I love how this sounds

Scarlet Scout

After hearing the music play across the new one direction adverts, I decided the music was worth looking into, and while I’m not a massive one direction fan, I must admit. This is a piece worth listening to. I was genuinely surprised how few views this video had, considering the quality of the piece. It has an intense rhythm throughout and adds a slightly dark twist the song, if not slightly inspiring to.

But the main reason I’m featuring this song is that it showcases just how diverse an orchestra is, and just how it can make modern songs sounds like the score of a award winning feature.

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